lip gloss small business tiktok

if you’re looking for beauty products, you can use code TOASTY10 for 10% off! not only do you support my channel, this small business, you also save money (no pressure tho☺️)

there’s some cool merch that i make a small commission off too use code TOASTY10 for 10% off purchase! lip gloss by claudia is a small business that sells wonderful lip glosses

Here is a compilation of lip gloss small businesses packaging orders! If they have a shop and you would like to buy it, just comment down below and I’ll reply with a link to their small business💕 it’s always good to support small whenever you can 🙂

do you guys like the thumbnail? lmk cause i think it looks really pretty

🗣feel free to leave video requests in the comments below (you’ll probably get that video unless if we really can’t do it)
on toasty tok we post our favorite tiktok compilations (great for people who don’t have the app) or honestly for anyone who enjoys! If you are interested, be sure to click on the channel name

For a shoutout: comment 💌🎨💋
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shoutout: Cecilia
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